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The Aristocats

The Aristocats is an animated feature film, made by Walt Disney. It was originally released to theaters by Buena Vista Distribution on December 11, 1970.

The film, set in Paris in 1910, is about a family of aristocratic cats, and how the acquaintance of an alley cat (O'Malley) helped to prevent a greedy butler (Edgar Balthazar) from murdering them. Below is a listing of the characters:-

  • Amelia and Abigail Gabble - Two geese (twin sisters) who save O'Malley from drowning.
  • Berlioz - One of the Duchess's two sons.
  • Duchess - An aristo-cat that lives with Madame Bonfamille.
  • Edgar Balthazar - Madame Bonfamille's butler.
  • Frou Frou - Madame Bonfamille's horse.
  • Georges Hautecourt - Madame Bonfamille's lawyer.
  • Madame Bonfamille - the owner of Duchess and her kittens.
  • Marie - Duchess's daughter.
  • Napoleon and Lafayette - Two dogs who attack Edgar.
  • O'Malley (Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley) - An alley cat who befriends Duchess and the kittens.
  • Roquefort - a mouse who lives with Duchess and her kittens.
  • Scat Cat - The leader of an alley cat band, and a friend of O'Malley's.
  • Toulose - One of Duchess's two sons.
  • Waldo - Amelia and Abigail's Uncle.

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