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Arctic Cat


Arctic Cat are one of the world's four big makers of the snowmobile; a vehicle designed to travel over snow and ice. Most snowmobiles are still powered by two-stroke engines, but Yamaha and Arctic-Cat were the first to mass produce four-stroke models, which are significantly less polluting than the early two stroke machines.

Snowmobiles are supported and moved by one or two endless caterpillar tracks, similar to those used on military tanks, except that they are of a much lighter construction. The driver steers using handlebars that control ski-like runners on the front of the vehicle, also by moving his body weight. Snowmobiles can achieve speeds in excess of 110 km/h (68 mph). Racing snowmobiles reach speeds in excess of 260 km/h (160 mph).

Canadian, Joseph-Armand Bombardier is reckoned to be the father of the snowmobile, although the first snow-machine patent was said to have be issued in1927, to Carl. J. Eliason of Sayner, Wisconsin, USA. Bombardier's "snowmobile" of the type of machine that we know today was developed in 1958.

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