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Maybe Cats Like Walking!

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I was under the impression that cats do not like walking with their owners for very long periods. Then I received this letter from Jane and Myles, from California:


We just read your comments on taking cats for walks and wanted to add
our experience to it.  We had a black, grey, and white short-haired
tabby named Schmitty for 4 years.  We thought she was unique in that
she loved to go for walks.  I swear it was her favorite thing of the
day.  She would wait patiently for us by the door every night, and when
we arose to get our coats, she would leap out the front door and run
down the driveway.  We usually walked around our block, nearly a mile. 
We never put her on a leash. She just loved to walk along with us,
sometimes exploring other yards and driveways.  It was a nightly ritual.

Last month, we were devastated when we lost Schmitty when she was hit
by a car.  We didn't think we'd get another cat for a long time, but
after a couple weeks of mourning, we were greeted one night by a
homeless kitty in a nearby park.  We started going to the park every
night to see the kitty who really seemed to like us.  After a couple of
weeks, and when it was very clear that she was homeless, we decided to
take her home.  She has been with us now for almost a month.  The
strangest thing is that a few days ago we thought we'd see if she liked
to walk, never really expecting that she would.   Imagine our surprise
when our new cat, Piki, zealously embraced walking with even more
energy and speed than Schmitty had.  We've been on 4 nightly walks so
far with Piki, and each time when we get home, she stands there looking
disappointed when we turn to enter the house.  Even as I write this,
she is sitting by the door waiting for us.

I know you mentioned that some cats will follow their owners for short
walks, but I think more people should be encouraged to try walking with
their cats.  Piki is a tabby too, and we knew another tabby once very
long ago who also liked to walk, so perhaps it is a tabby thing, but
maybe cats like walking more than we know!

Jane and Myles

Myles and Piki going on one of their walks.

My only concern about taking cats for walks is that they do it (as with Jane and Myles cats) because they want to! I believe that to force them into collars and make them walk on leads is wrong. But obviously there are some felines who do love to walk with their owners for long periods of time, and I think that's really great! So maybe as Jane & Myles suggest, we cat-lovers should encourage our feline friends to walk with us more!

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